Bean washing and sterilizing system

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Bean Washing And Sterilizing Machine





     Before conducting the germination work of Mung Beans(or Soybeans, Seeds of alfalfa), it is a must to remove dusts on the Beans' surface, sterilize them, wash them and then place them in the growing machine for germination.
     Washing and sterilization works not only help to remove bacteria that can endanger the health of human body, but also increase the germination rate and prevent deterioration of Beans and Sprouts.

     Mung Beans or Soybeans are normally washed by human hands. Nevertheless, when the production capacity is above 200 to 300kgs per hour, manual cleaning work can no longer ensure the cleanness of Mung Beans(or Soybeans) skin.

     Therefore, FUMU MACHINE suggests using specially designed Bean Washing and Sterilizing System to conduct the cleaning and sterilization works. Specially designed with the water aeration function on the bottom, the machine will roll the Beans, which are largely put into the machine, under the aeration to increase the hygiene and safety of these Beans.

     Suitable products: Soybeans, Mung Beans and Seeds of alfalfa.