Bean Sprouts Washing and Drying Line

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Bean Sprouts Washing and Drying Line

When we get the bean sprouts from bean sprouting machine, there are still some seed hulls mixed with the bean sprouts. Our bean sprout washing and drying line is dedicated to separating the seed hulls and cleaning the bean sprouts. It is fully automatic processing from bean sprouts conveying, washing to drying. After drying, the bean sprouts can be packed directly.

Main Features of Bean Sprouts Washing and Drying Line

* All SUS304 stainless steel, rational design and long service life.
* Water recycling system, reduce waste and lower cost.
* Equipped with powerful pump and fan, high efficiency.
* Full automatic processing, greatly reduce the workforce.
* Washing machine uses 3 rollers to remove seed hulls. 
* Visible grass cover to protect the rollers.
* The drying machine adopts 16 fans, realizing sufficient drying.

How to Choose the Seed Hulls Removing Machine
       Generally, there are two machines for seed hulls removing. The vibrating sheller is cheaper and takes less space, which is favored in the areas where labor is expensive and water is dear. And the washing system is the preferred method for quality, which uses the water bath to separate the seed hulls. This method can prolong the shelf life of bean sprouts. A drying system is needed with this system, whereas it is not needed with the vibrating sheller.


Main Parameters of Bean Sprouts Washing and Drying Line






Washing Machine





Drying Machine