Bean Sprouting Machine

        We are professional manufacturer of hydroponic sprout system, integrating scientific research, product design, machinery manufacture, sales and after-sale service.We offer various types of top quality bean sprout machine from manual equipment to full automatic. Covering all phases of the growth cycle. Devoted to providing comprehensive and superior product and service, and specialized sprouting solutions for you.


Technical parameters:


Brief introduction

1,304 Stainless steel frame structure,composite color steel plate frame.

2,Microcomputer control,full automatic, save time, save labour.

3,High quality LLDPE trays,non-toxic and odorless,no distortion

4,Stainless steel water tank,long service life,saving water and power

5,Rational design, avoid roots rotten,high yield.

6,Strict inspection before paced,ensure high quality of the machine.

7,Widely used in canteen,supermarket, restaurant, hotel, farms.




1,The frame structure is made of high quality stainless steel. And the frame is composite color steel plate with insulation, waterproof, rustproof, reasonable design.
2,The water tank  is made of stainless steel,with long service life,water-saving,low power consumption. 
3,With mircocomputer control system, the machine is fully automatic, and can provide perfect environment and conditions for the growth of seed, no need of special care, time saving and efficient..
4,Sprouts tray: made of LLDPE material, high food safety standard, strong and no deformation, discoloration.
5,Temperature display LCD, high temperature alarm, automatic water tank, automatic thermostat, automatic watering, mandatory watering under high temperature, water interval time display, manual watering.
6, With perfect design, our machine could grow high output bean sprout. The product cycle could be shorten within 4~5 days, the production of soybean sprouts could reach 1:10; mung bean sprouts 1:13; barley fodder 1:15.

The final sprout our machine growing:

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Delivery of the machine:


What Features of our bean sprout machine?

       Our sprout bean growing machine is the automatic model,Which can realize the automatic :watering,controlling temperature,control time, and so on.
You just need to by handle the  electric control cabinet ,then everything will be ok,you just need to put the bean into the box,that’s it,so easy.

And we also have test a lot times ,and in fact,our technology for the bean sprout machine is very mature,so pls don’t worry about any quality problem


What Specifications of our bean sprout machine?

1.Our company's bean sprout machines are full automatic, non-pollution and environment friendly. It is combination of modern technology and traditional technology. By microcomputer, bean sprout machine automatically control temperature,, add temperature, keep temperature, show temperature, drip water, this kind of bean sprout machine achieves the full automatic of producing process, its advantages are saving time, saving labour, low consumption, no noise.

2.Compared to traditional manual production, bean sprout machines of our company has more short production cycle, better quality. Traditional manual production, in summer, production cycle is 4 to 5 days, in winter, it is 7 to 8 days. but modern bean sprout production, its production cycle is 3 to 4 days without influence of geographical environment, climate, and season.

3.Our company's bean sprout not only has all kinds of model, but also has high output. 1 kg bean seeds can make about 10kg bean sprouts. Under the constant temperature of manual control, bean sprouts grow uniform, tender and white, silvery and juicy, fresh-tasting. Not only safe to eat, rich nutrition, but also has health protection.

4.Using our bean sprout machines, it not only can save labour, but also has easy operation system. After soaking bean seeds, put bean seeds into bud box, bean sprout machine will automatic drip water, after about 3 or 4 days, it can produce tender and white sprouts.

5. Using our machine can decrease the phenomenon of lousy sprouts. phenomenon of lousy sprouts occurs in after cultivating three days. because the manual production cycle is long, it is easily to become lousy. However, use our bean sprout machines, it will grow mature after 3 days, has less lousy sprouts.



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