Alfalfa Sprouts Germination Machine


     Alfalfa breeding machines are diverse and many producers use breeding boxes for its cultivation.
     However, Alfalfa is lighter and softer than sprouts. In the stage of germination, many Alfalfa sees are stacked in the same space to cause low germination and shorter and poor-looking sprouts.
     Hence, FUMU MACHINE recommends use of Spinning Alfalfa Sprouts Germination Machine for cultivation. Spinning Alfalfa Sprouts Germination Machine rotates automatically and regularly to avoid its seeds or sprouts stacked altogether to affect the quality of its seeds. Automatic and regular functions can also prevent Alfalfa sprouts from getting soaked for too long and rotten.
     In view of this, Spinning Alfalfa Sprouts Germination Machine increases breeding rate and reduces risks of getting rotten due to soaking.

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